Inner World Tour | The Bulgy container and the Superpower

Inner World Tour | The Bulgy container and the Superpower

If you have a leaky container to keep it full it takes effort.   Constant effort.  The more leaky the more work.

When I think about it habits that no longer serve are like holes in your energy bucket.  They just drain you but because they are habits you just do them anyway without much delving into why.

I think for me the eating to stuff emotions is a bit like that.  The emotions are corrosive and have caused bulging holes in the system and the eating is an attempt to return the energy that has leaked out.  So how does one change that?

Creating a bizarre superpower


How about turning it into a super power.  Like an awesome one.  Every time I start to want to eat something I will check in with my belly.  Am I hungry, thirsty, bored, scratchy, furious, or unsettled? If I’m genuinely hungry I eat.  If not l take a drink of water pause for a moment and see if  I can follow the trail to the emotion that has bulged out somewhere.    I imagine that the water is entering my system and repairing the bulge that just happened, infact making it stronger than when it first bulged.   I then imagine that the released emotion has grabbed a fat cell and squeezed the energy from it and released it back into the body to be used as super power creative fuel that leads to breakthroughs in my next project.   Yeah…I like that.  Turning unexpressed emotions into fat releasing creative energy boosts.   Then when all of the excess fat in my body is burned through it will evolve into a machine that can work directly off of the emotions and turn it into creative fuel in one less step.   I am bagsing that as my super power!


Conceptual Leap

If my body is my earthly container then it makes sense that it has swollen out with my protective patterns.  It isn’t bad being bulgy.  It has protected me for years.  From unwanted advances. From superficial people and situations.  But I have my big girl panties on now and I am more than capable to handle that and much more…especially now that I have such a kick ass super power.   Plus if my body is swollen out it is less agile and able to get me where I need to go creatively.  So I am taking that brilliant storehouse of creative energy and I am cashing in my chips.

Base Chakra Dance


Today was all about containers.  I danced the Base Chakra Dance again today.  It was a sacred closing to this weeks exploration of the Chakra.  In times past I would have just moved on to the next thing with this one left uncompleted (another bulge).  But one of the brilliant lessons I am getting from this is the importance of containing things.  When there is no container things become far too diffuse and you get no energy from them.  When contained they can build up enough energy to power a hydro plant.  So the earth chakra is about building the container.

When I dance I start with a ritual.


I sweep my studio then, I select an essential oil and light a candle.  I mentally set up a positive energy grid and often just double check that my crystals are still in place around the room.  I still don’t know if I buy into all of it but I tell you what I don’t know is a shit ton more than what I do know and I figure chucking some rocks in the edges of my room certainly can’t hurt.  Plus it is a containing ritual.  It is holding the energy present into the room.


Then I dance on my rug and my grounding blanket.  This is a wee blanket I picked up at a lifestyle expo.  It has a grid of uber thin wires running along it and then the wires all connect to a power plug that is attached to ground.  So essentially I am connected to the earth electrically while I am dancing.  So often we are insulated from her.  This is a way where I can be warm and toasty  but still have that energetic connection.   Plus the rug acts as a container and my dancing has a safe space to be contained to.

My morning dance has me check in with my body.  Really see what is going on with it.   The poor thing has been neglected for so long.  Treated like a naughty servant instead of a beautiful gift.   That pattern ended a year ago but there are 40+ years of habits to unpack still.  It is a gradual gentle process.  A loving one.  Kind of like the slow food movement this is a slow health movement.  Gently lovingly reversing the habits which have resulted in the bulging bits.   Slowly gently with lots of patience and love.

Back at ya babe

So if you are reading this my guess is it is for one of three reasons.

  1. You are a friend of mine and you are just checking into see what I am up to.   If so hello darlin.  Mwwwaaaahhh!
  2. You have stumbled across this blog and are curious as to what this adventure is about then welcome…I will try to make it an entertaining journey for you.
  3. You are curious because you are on your own souls journey and you feel a kinship and are hoping for insight that might help you on your own quest.   Rock on honey!  Good on ya.  I can’t promise anything but honest truth telling and soulful curiosity.  I can tell you about my journey and show you what has and hasn’t worked for me and I can send out a heap of love and intention that you might find something that will give you a foot hold on the next step of your own journey here.

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