Inner World Tour | Reestablishing a Morning Routine

Just outside of dad’s room is the lounge.  I went in there to get some white space and found that in one of the corners was all of this beautiful marbled paper and what looks like bookbinding equipment.  I was busy looking over everything when the owner of the equipment arrived, a man named David.  A friend of my dads.


David is about as opposite to my dad as is possible.  To my dad’s extreme right winged nature there is David an artistic meditative gentleman who is calmly aware of his slowly developing Alzheimers.   He is taking each day as it comes and in his words just slowly releasing attachment to things and learning to turn all things into a meditation.   He is the most beautiful Yoda like character to help ground me in this part of the adventure.   Yesterday he was showing me how to marble paper.  We would do a bit then I would come back and clean some more.   He has set up morning meditation in the lounge at 630 every morning.  This morning I joined him.  It was just exactly what I needed.  My mind was scattered and flitty but that is nothing new.  But the siting and stretching and the observing of the pingponging of the mind was a good exercise.

It was a sitting in a chair meditation instead of my moving chakradance one and what I found was that all I could really move was my head…which I did and started stretching it and I could feel my muscles connected all the way down into my chest stretching.  Towards the end of the mediation I had the strangest feeling that there was a tightness and a coldness around my heart chakra, so I stretched through it and released it one painful muscle at a time.   I felt a bit of relief and relaxation.