Inner World Tour | Releasing the Chronic Pain in my AssSacral Chakra

Inner World Tour | Releasing the Chronic Pain in my Ass Sacral Chakra

_MG_0181So one of the things I am observing with this whole inner world tour is that I am consistently inconsistent.   Yes I will not have a daily blog…because life interferes and I am sweet with that.  But it doesn’t mean I am not learning and processing as I go.  Perfectly imperfect.

So following all of the nutrition focus, and health and healing of dad I came home and instantly got sick.  Like the first time in freaking ages I got a head cold. Not surprising considering the stress of the trip…but it has given me the perfect excuse to do sweet F-all.

But something very interesting happened the last two days and I needed a couple of days to confirm it was true.   I went to see my friend and kinesiologist following my return from the states. Everytime a coconut I ride in a plane my right hip gets farked.  This has been happening since I was pregnant with Sam 17 years ago.  A literal chronic pain in my ass.   It gets so stiff I find walking a challenge and often my back will go out and I will be bed ridden for a while.   It is a huge mine field for me.  Is it because I am too chubby for the plane seat and my butt chushion forces my knees to be wedged against the seat in front of me leaving me bugger all room to move…yes that is part of it but the self flaggelation isn’t necessary…the good news is over the years that has gotten much lighter.

This time the pain was not like what it used to be.    I did a form of yoga in the back of the plane every chance I got…and in the airport.  Didn’t care who saw.  I was going to make sure that right hip was safe as I could make it.   It was better.   I was able to help dad and my hip only niggled.  On the way back it was a bit worse but I had kind of accepted it and just gave it the best love I could.

As I am in the sacral chakra exploration at the moment I decided to take my hip to see Christine and see what she could discover.    Apparently it is tied to my masculine aspects as it is on the right side.   When we asked what it was about we discovered it was a shutting down, a switching off pattern which I had developed from dealing with the demands of the men in my life.   My hip literally would pop out of joint and lose power so the feminine side was holding the whole thing together through sheer will  ( and discomfort) but I knew that the real issue was this weakness.   Christine in her magical ways just asked my body what it needed to be balanced and it answered what it wanted.   These words came out:



Creative Flow

Turned on


She did her things, muscle testing and the what not and I got up and bent down and felt a surprising and uncomfortable pop sort of release and I lost power in my right hip,  then I got it back almost like a power surge and a reboot.  I walked around that day just thinking balance and thanking my body for the insight it gave me.

It has been three days since she worked on me and the chronic pain I have lived with on and off for 17 years seems to have gone.  WTF?  I am finding it hard to believe.  I even just got up from writing this to do some hip rolls and just check in again that it was true.   Yep.  Balance.  No pain.  Crazy.  What a beautiful body capable of a release like that.

What had been incorporated into my body was this belief “The only way to survive is to shut down”

Instead we changed the belief to “The only way to survive is to turn on to divine delight, simple, balanced creative flow.”

And pop goes the weasel  the pain left.

Was it a placebo?

Who cares.

The pain is gone.  My attitude is better and I am down with that miracle.  I much prefer to choose to be turned on than shut down.  Wouldn’t you?

So much of this stuff is just in our thoughts.  In the vibration that we choose to bring to the world.  I’m choosing to drop that which is no longer serving me and choosing instead curious delight.  What are you choosing as theme to your response to the world?