Inner World Tour | Journey into Generosity

There is a part of me that has always been held back slightly in the realm of generosity.   Some strange concept of scarcity.  I think it has something with being raised in the States strangely enough.  I was the “poor kid” in the rich neighborhood (complete first world problems sort of thing)  But somehow the nasty head of comparison…my friends had Guess jeans and my family couldn’t afford them.  My friends drove BMW’s and I had a $300.00 hell mobile that I saved up for myself (burgundy Buick, red interior, orange carpet and I shit you not, the thing actually caught on fire once with me in it…the name was completely earned).  The term “we are broke” always seemed to echo through our house.  We NEVER wanted for anything.  Always had a roof over our head and more than enough to eat.   So why in goodness name did I have this gripping in my chest that there just wasn’t enough? This year I decided that as part of the inner world tour I would  tackle it.    As my key words this year are Play, Beauty, Freedom,  and Adventure, I decided to wrap them all up into one sweet little Valentines adventure.
I challenged myself to take money out of my personal account to buy flowers and to raid my own garden for the extras and give them to perfect strangers in Welly on Valentines day.
I wanted just to give for giving sake but it always happens that the smiles fill you with so much more than the money you spent.
Mel even commented when I posted this on Facebook that “A smile can just look like a smile…but it could potentially be life changing.”  I like the idea of this.  Ripples.  Good intentions causing positive ripples in the world. IMG_0488[1]
The funniest thing that I experienced was this:
She looked at me like I was a slightly crazed Hari Krishna who wanted to convert her or something, or probably more like a telemarketer set free from their headset, and waved me away.  It cracked me up.   I think there is a lesson in there about gracefully receiving as well as being generous.  Anywhosers.   It was a bit of fun with my son who filmed the adventure with me.  I will have to think up a few more fun ones to do and other ways to push the generosity button and start really accepting universal abundance.

Little bit of Valentines day fun in Wellington

Posted by A La Mojo Studios on Sunday, February 14, 2016