Inner World Tour | Feeding CorpsesSacral Chakra

Inner World Tour | Feeding CorpsesSacral Chakra

untitled-6192Yesterday was the last day of this months exploration of the Sacral Chakra.  The colour orange, emotions, feelings, sensuousness, touch, taste, lusciousness, deliciousness.

I discovered several things about myself in that journey.  One is I still have perfectionist tendencies and I wanted to do it perfectly.  I feel like there is so much I could have done to dive deeper and I wasn’t yet ready to switch to the next chakra.  But the moon full and that is my cue to set this months work down gently and pick up the next months adventure.   I am now entering the Solar Plexus moon.  But before I go there, I want to do one final blog about the aspect I think was the most important from this chakra.

“But if I eat an apple, I like to eat it with all of my senses awake.  Hogging it down like a pig I call the feeding of corpses.”  D. H. Lawrence Mystic

This quote sums up the heart of the Sacral Chakra for me.  It is all about the senses all about experiencing life mindfully using the gifts of our human manifestation to experience deeply that which we see.   Today I carefully cooked dinner.  Lovingly harvested much of the food from the garden and then dug the rest out of the fridge and pantry.  IMG_9281

It took me two hours to cook my meal.  Roasted veggies, smokey faken, and cashew sour cream.  It was delicious.  Took far longer than I expected to cook it but I enjoyed the process.   When Wills and I sat down to eat it, I savoured each bite.  Normally there would be a fair amount of wolfing happening.  But not today.

I wish I could say every meal is like this.  Wholesome and reverently enjoyed.   No, honestly this is the exception rather than the rule.  The “feeding corpses”  bit really kicked me in the gut of that quote because it just seemed to really strike a truthful cord.  When I eat unconsciously I am feeding that which isn’t responding and vibrant and awake in myself…the corpse.   My senses are there to be enjoyed.   I am learning to embrace them in their fullness.

This is the art after all.   I mean when I am deep in a project.  In a painting, in creating a photograph,  I lose track of other things and focus solely and completely on that one thing.   It is how I get the depth to a piece.   The reality to a painting.   The satisfaction that you feel when you have really reached the end of a creation.   You can only really feel your way there.   That is the beauty that is the sacral chakra.  The ability to feel both that which is delicious and honour that which makes you cringe as each having equal validity.  In the past I have run so hard from that which I found uncomfortable that I have dulled my senses in general.  This month was a beginning of a sensory awakening.   A moistening of that which had become desiccated.

Flash of an idea for an image in the BLock and Flow series.

Excessive Sacral Chakra – the Feast for Corpses – The image came clear as a bell and my MUA friend Kristy has already said yes.  We are going to do a zombiefied last supper with junk food on the table, and cellphones all in use.   Ohhhh quite excited about this one.   It is about all of the ways that we check out.   Where we are but an unfeeling shell.IMG_0618[1]