Inner World Tour | Girl on FireSolar Plexus Chakra

Inner World Tour | Girl on FireSolar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about transformation.

Burning away that which no longer serves you.  It seems to me that the first bit of your life is about collecting and gathering things and the second part is about burning away that which doesn’t serve.

Today I danced the solar plexus chakra and I actually felt myself on fire…It was as if I was like the character on the fantastic four.  The one who could just switch into a burning man but not get burnt.   I felt the energy of the sun being pulled into me and grounded by the earth.  I felt every single cell fire up.   Often I am half in half out of my body for some of these dances but not todays.  I was ALL IN.

I slapped my legs like a Maori warrior.  I drummed up the power.  And I drove it straight into my gut.  I could feel it radiate.  I started sweating buckets.  For an hour I danced and sweat poured off me.   Here was my mandala drawing after the dance.


Yesterday in honour of the personal power chakra I  decided to try and tackle a small goal.  Mount Climbie.

Yep it is my favourite place to challenge myself because it is a straight up walk on a gravel trail that is great for pushing me.  I can do a 40 minute walk on it and feel incredibly good when I am done. My goal by the end of this month is to make it all the way to the top. It is about 6.5 k’s straight up.  A bit of an ass kick for me.  This is me just going about a quarter of the way there…might take a month to sort this by the looks of it.

The Walk