A bit up my own bum?

A bit up my own bum?

When you think about having portraits done of yourself are you at all worried that people will think you are bit up yourself?

I sometimes hear people voicing this concern when I talk to them about their photos.  “It is a bit self indulgent isn’t it really”

Yep.  It it is.

It is beautifully wonderfully radically self accepting and indulgent.

We are a culture that has been designed to make you feel well stink about yourself.

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So it can feel strange to do something so honouring of yourself as taking time off work to spend a day well…celebrating you.

It is not for the faint of heart.  It is for those that are tired of feeling less, slightly invisible, and are now ready to be seen.

Here is a post that one of our muses put on her facebook timeline and gave me permission to share:

“So for years I have been uncomfortable in my own skin. To many of you this is no surprise or a new fact. I have in the past (and still do) struggled with depression, feeling like I was never good enough, never pretty enough, never skinny enough, just generally not enough. And while I still have those days constantly I am learning with the love and support of myfamily and friends that it is ok to just be me.
I still don’t like how I look most mornings when I look in the mirror, I see a plain boring girl staring back at me, somebody generally unextraordinary. This is why when I was was given the chance to be a model for a day at A La Mojo Studios and have my hair and make up done for a photo shoot I was aprehensive but decided to grasp the opportunity with two hands.
I was so scared that this woman who specialised in bringing out both the inner and outter beauty of other woman would have finally met her match and admit defeat. That she would tell me I had no beauty to capture.Yet somehow those words were never uttered, in fact I was made to feel completely relaxed and had such a great time that I forgot all my insecurities and just enjoyed the experience.
Here is the result of that day.
Yes I still have days where getting up seems pointless and still have stupid binges of eating shit. But I’m slowly finding ways to be happy with who I am. I am looking for ways to improve myself for me so that I can feel happy all the time.
No this post was not about attention seeking and it took me forever to write and re-write but anyway here are the photos that Mandi Lynn captured of me and somehow she helped me see that I’m not plain and boring all the time.”



So what happens when you go from shrinking from the camera and your self esteem in the dumps to starting to feel your value as a person?  Where can that lead you?  Well the first place is being seen and honoured in your families visual history.  The last thing you want to teach the next generation is that there is anything they should be ashamed about in themselves or honestly you are modelling behaviour that is no better than the commercial at the beginning of this blog.  Not being judgey, it is just I see it so often with mums.  Pushing their daughters forward and acting like youth is the only thing worth looking at and that they are well past the time when they have a right to be photographed…what the heck sort of message is that sending?  That you no longer have value once you past a certain use by date.  The hell with that! Rock your right to be seen and present in the life of your family and in your own personal world.

You can hang the images up for all to see or get a Mojo box and keep them as your little treasure box.  It is your call.  But at least take a step to honour yourself.


Mandi Lynn


P.s. If you have decided you want to book in you can do that here.