Finding Venus What to Bring

Finding Venus What to Bring

Welcome!  We are so looking forward to seeing you at Finding Venus.  There are several events that have tickets to them this weekend.   The below indicates what to bring to each one.

Please note that you need to have an Eventbrite ticket to each separate event.  Some are invitation only like the Teen and Tween events on the Sunday…and if you weren’t invited it wasn’t because you are not amazing and wonderful and deserving…it is simply a numbers thing for filming and we were cherry picking specific ages and stated availability of girls to come. 

Q- How should my daughter dress?  How should I dress?

A – We don’t care how your daughter dresses as long it was her that chose the outfit.  Let it be her unique style shining through not yours if you can avoid it.  We want everyone to rock up as authentic to themselves as possible this means you too.  If that is sweats and gumboots fine straight off of milking this morning fine..if that is Ponsenby posh…well rock that too.  All is welcome.  All is honoured.

Saturday Body Positive Workshop 0830 am start

(Please note that a female adult must be present with any person under 18 for this entire event there is no option for dropping off children…please also note that this is a female only event…this means no boys unless they are babes in arms and not yet walking.  Please ensure for everyone’s safety that this has been arranged before you arrive to avoid being turned away…which we would absolutely hate to do but we have to look after the needs of the attendees who signed up for a female only event and we do not have the staff to look after children on the day.)

Please bring with you –

  • Personal Hair Brush one per person ideally
  • Wash Cloth
  • Potluck plate to share
  • (Please note that the Burlesque section has been moved to the beginning of the golden shield timing so if you would like to attend this section you will need to hang out until 4pm while we give the parents with children a chance to clear their little ones out before we start that luscious wee segment…however we are not opposed to girls being there but it is for the parents to decide not us which is why we have moved that segment)


Saturday 4pm Golden Shield Maiden Photoshoot

  • Set of heels if you have any if you want to participate in the free burlesque teaser class…you don’t NEED heels to take the class but might be fun to try…personally I would probably break an ankle but some ladies are brilliant on these things.   My daughter the dancer can stand on one foot on them…boggles the mind.
  • Warm bathrobe if you get cold
  • Wash cloth
  • towel
  • Potluck plate to share for dinner

Don’t forget it is DayLight savings!!!

Sunday 10am Easter Egg Hunt and Tween interviews

  • A basket of some sort if you have one.
  • Potluck plate to share  if you would like to join in a community lunch

Teen Interview – 2pm

  • Just yourself


The condition of our grant from the Waipa Creative Communities is that we can spend none of the grant money on food.  As several of the events run over meal times, we thought it would be a nice idea to have community potlucks instead.  If you bring something that is Gluten, diary free, or vegan, or vegetarian please make sure you label it so those with food restrictions will know it is safe for them to eat.

So looking forward to meeting you all.


Mandi Lynn

p.s. please make sure that if for any reason you cannot come that you let us know as we have a waiting list a mile long.

p.s.s.  Next level body positive support and also information on the extended fairy crown photoshoots can be found on this page (Only 10 spots available). 


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