Casting Call

Finding Venus is a Body Positive documentary currently in production directed by Mandi Lynn and her all female film crew and production team.  It is about the art of protecting girl power and reviving it in ourselves.   It is a movie by Kiwi mothers and daughters for the world's mothers and daughters.

Casting Call for the Bulls Filming Segment


We are looking for Tweens, Teens, and Women to participate in a Body Positive event sponsored by Rangitikei Creative Communities scheme that is being held in the Bulls Town Hall.  It is a fun body gratitude event that will get you celebrating yourself from head to toe.  The tweens and teens will receive a digital file of a professional headshot taken on the day as a thank you for supporting the project.

Mandi Lynn

Several people will be selected at the event for follow up interviews on the Sunday.


For the cheekier among us become part of the 200+ and growing exhibition of the reality of the female form, by covering yourself in golden clay and being anonymously photographed by Mandi Lynn.   This is for 18 and older only and happens on the Saturday evening after the children have left.

I had no idea what to expect…

To be honest I had no idea what to expect when I took my daughters to the photo shoot and workshops for Finding Venus, but I’m so glad I did. To share this day with my daughters and so many other amazing girls and women was actually quite moving. The message of respecting others and loving yourself is just such an important one. My girls felt safe to get involved, express themselves, share their feelings honestly and just have fun together. Thank you Madi Lynn. �

A deep exercise…

It was so inspiring and delicious to be amongst such a variety of women from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes, many with their daughters present (from tweens - teens) which was just a joy to see - these young women absolutely soaking up these rich and powerful messages from all of the activities we got to do. It was a day full of laughter and some tears, lots of sharing and plenty of boobs as the women who chose to stay for the evening segment partook in a photoshoot covered in glistening golden clay after a deep exercise in which we had the opportunity to heal from negative words and wounds we have carried about our bodies and self image. It was... magical. Thank you Mandi Lynn for an amazing experience!


My belly hurt from the laughter…

Thank you for providing such a fun and powerful experience for myself and my two girls. Becoming a Golden maiden was overwhelming but a game changer for me. My belly hurt from the laughter, and my heart is still bursting with pride for myself and just awe of the of the incredible women i was surrounded by. Xx

The inspiration for the movie was an incident that happened between Mandi and her 5 year old at the time niece Harper.

It went something like this:

"Aunty Mandi"

"Yes Harper"

"Am I fat?"

(I think Mandi spit out her drink at this point)

She never really recovered and gave an adequate response because she was so floored by the fact that a 5 year old had already begun to question her bodies perfection.   Because Mandi is an artist she began to make art about it and the Everybody is a Treasure Project was launched from there and won her New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year in 2017.  That same year the New Zealand Film commission gave her a grant to make New Zealand's first body positive doco.

The theme of the movie is an aunts quest to find a way to protect her niece from inheriting the body shame that both her and her sister inherited.  Mandi wants to figure out how to break the chain.  This movie is about her and her families adventure to find the answer with other mothers and daughters in New Zealand.

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