Finding Venus is a free award winning body positive art/dance/writing workshop that is touring New Zealand spreading self compassion in its wake. 

This workshop celebrates the women of the community in all shapes, sizes, and ages not just the 1-5% seen in mainstream media.


Free Family Workshop

  • Body Positive workshop that uses Art, Writing, and Movement to explore our sometimes loving sometimes not so loving relationship with our body.
  • Open to all ages but children must be supervised at all times...there are scissors and emotions so just sayin...


By putting your name on the waiting list it helps us to show the grants committees that we have support in your region to share with any one you think might enjoy it as well.
You can leave the list at any time. Removal instructions are included in each message.
Waiting list of Happiness

Tweens 7-12 year olds tend to exist in a space of body positivity.  One foot still dipped in fairy dust but looking into the great big world.  They seem to be able to rock their unique style and are 100% authentic with no apologies.  If I could wave a magic wand I would return this spirit to every teen and grown woman in the world.  That freedom to be comfortable with your quirkiness.

So as a fundraiser to support the intention to provide the Finding Venus Festival free of charge to the communities we visit we are doing a fundraising fairy crown making photoshoot for tweens in each community.  If you are interested follow this link...

Where will the Festival be held?

We are applying for funding from the Creative Communities Grant Scheme.  For each community that funds us we will visit and put on a festival.  

The map above shows where we have applied for funding for a January road trip.   Each stop along the way costs about 3-4K to underwrite so we need to get the money organized before we can come.   Our goal is to keep it free to everyone because body shaming doesn't discriminate it is an equal opportunity female affliction.   

If a town near you isn' t listed but you would love to see this in your region you can help get it there by doing the following.

  • Sign up to our waiting list and list the region you live in.  We can then take these numbers to the council when we apply. 

What to Bring With You

For the Workshop

  • A Women's Magazine to cut up
  • A piece of cloth that somehow represents either you, your family, or your culture that you don't mind being cut up. 
    • it could be an old pair of jeans
    • Tapa cloth
    • Family weaving
    • Old Wool blanket
    • An old dress or shirt
  • Bring a lunch with you or money to buy one in town during the break.

For the Photoshoot if over 18 and keen

  • Black or dark solid coloured pants that are easy to roll down under your belly.  
  • A robe to keep warm is a good idea
  • A facecloth to wash off. 
  • A Plate of food to share if you would like to join the community for a pot luck dinner afterward.  - P.S. Please bring something that is your specialty and the recipe if you are willing to share it as we will be photographing the food and collecting the recipes for our social media feed as we travel from community to community. 

The Day's Schedule

9am - Welcome and Sign in

9:30 - Unpacking the Messages

  • An Exploration of the messages we have received in our life about our body.
  • 3 different stations Using Textile Art, Written Word, Photography

11:00 - Meditative Movement / Dance

  • A guided mediation that leads you into your body for a check in and then helps you to become reacquainted with it.
  • Carefully selected music will help you travel from your root of your body up into your crown and back again.
  • This is open to all ages and abilities...and don't need to be a "dancer" to do just need a body.

12:00 Break for Lunch (You will need to bring your own)

1:00 - Health at Every Size -

  • Mandi Lynn a Liscenced Body Positive Facilitator - will give a brief introduction to the concept of Health at Every Size.

1:30 - Compassionately Creative Communities

  • We break into groups and discuss life as it is now...and how we want to change the world.
  • We make actionable plans to do it.

2:30 Rebel Writing

  • Mandi Lynn teaches her journaling technique to help you change your relationship with your body to one of seeing it and treating it as your best friend.
  • It also helps with getting out of your own way in your creative pursuits.

3:30 Closing Circle

4:00 - 18 and Older Every Body is a Treasure body painted (golden healing clay) Photoshoot.

7pm - Potluck Picnic Dinner and Bonfire of old thoughts (venue will vary depending on town)

What happens to the images?

The images of the golden body painted women are eventually posted on to instagram. 

The full size printed images are added to the travelling exhibition. 

We also will have the full size digital files available for those that subscribe to the Mojo Midwife's Crowd Funding Subscription Page.  All money collected is being used to cover the costs to bring the workshop to other communities and to help us make the documentary about the project.  The page contains the images as well as more detailed and advanced Body Positive Course content to help you continue your body positive journey. 

Evening Photographic Art Session is for 18 Years and Over

Luscious Order of Golden ShieldMaidens

Mandi Lynn is New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year and she won it using her body positive imagery that is part of the Everybody is a Treasure project.  By signing up for this photoshoot you will become part of a rebellious exhibition that dares to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes not just those featured in the mainstream media.

  • You will be given a pottle of golden bentonite clay to cover your body.
  • You will be sprinkled with a touch of BioGlitter.
  • Then photographed.
  • Your image will be added to the collection and displayed on the following day and join the other images as they tour the country.



The golden shield maidens are women who are corageous enough in their own skin to show up loud and proud...albeit anonymous for the exhibition.   

In a world were we see 400-600 photoshopped images in a day the card carrying members of the the Luscious order of Golden Shield Maidens are a rebellious bunch of women who dare to celebrate the brilliance of their body even if it isn't the 1-5% of those showcased in the media.

Oral History2
Photographic Art

Get on the Waitlist

By putting your name on the waiting list it helps us to show the grants committees that we have support in your region to share with any one you think might enjoy it as well.
You can leave the list at any time. Removal instructions are included in each message.