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Beautiful Time capsules of your Unicorn Glitter Fairy of a Tween

Tweens are my favourite humans.

Mostly because they don't give a toss.

They are about as authentic as you can get.   And for the most part they are still pretty nice people.  Thoughtful, caring, compassionate.  The good parts haven't been rubbed off or hidden away.

They still have one foot dipped in fairy dust as they are taking a big step into adolescence.  I adore them.  I adore their insightful wisdom.  I adore their curiosity.  I adore their sweet little hearts. Their I don't give a flip fashion sense.

I have an idealised, unicorn fairy dust sort of admiration for them and that comes out in my imagery of them.   Sure some of them have already started to lose their mojo a bit, but my goal is to preserve it in a piece of art.  I do this so that once they get through the gauntlet of adolescence they will have a time capsule to look back on...a thread to their authentic self before everyone else and culture got to have an opinion on who they should be, what they should look like, and how they should behave.

Personally I think that the best adults I know have their quirky tween self held pretty close to the surface.  The deeper she gets buried the tenser people become, the less imaginative...the less authentic.  I am all about authentic, imaginative,  quirky people.

blond girl, white dress, flower crown, in a forrest, digital oil painting

Now if you read all that above it is probably because you have a tween living under your roof or in your family that feels like she is the exact creature I was describing.

Sweet.  Let me tell you a bit more.

I am coming up to the Waikato/Waipa region to do a series of tween photoshoots.  I have space for 10 girls to come along.

I will be custom making fairy crowns with your tween and will do a natural photoshoot with her.  Then I will let her change into what ever clothing she feels really represents her and I will do a quirky fashion shoot as well.   You can hop in at the end and it can be a mother daughter / auntie niece / grandma mokapuna shoot or it can be 100% about her.

This is a body positive experience.  We celebrate the wholeness that is her.  Her inner beauty shines forth and we play in the slipstream of it.  It doesn't matter her size, shape, colouring, ability level, or level of confidence.  We start where she starts and we go where ever the adventure takes us.   We celebrate what makes her truly unique and then make art from it.

The cost for this experience is $150.00.  This will give her an hour with me (New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year), the fairy crown experience, and $150.00 credit to spend on imagery.  Our fine art prints/digital files start at $397.00 and get cheaper the more that you buy.  10% of all of the sales goes to seed fund the Every Body is a Treasure Charitable Trust.


"My daughter and I met with Mandi for a casting call and my daughter was selected for an extended photo shoot, which has been such an amazing experience. My daughter has been teased for her slender body shape and has struggled with self confidence because of it. After spending time with Mandi she has absolutely flourished. Her photos were stunning and she has really embraced her body shape since the shoot. Her photos make her feel like a Queen, and after years of turning away from her dancing talent due to low self esteem now she has decided to give it another try. I cannot thank Mandi enough for such an amazing and inspiring event. HIGHLY recommended!! Xx" Sammie Lee


The "For purpose" arm of our photography studio. ( I really hate the phrase "non profit" is limiting and if you are going to be doing good work there should be heaps of profit for the community and it should eventually be a self sustaining entity from the added value that it brings to the world.)

Every Body is a Treasure is a Charitable Trust that Runs Body Positive events around the country with help from Creative Communities grants and from Fundraising.

Each event costs about $4000.00 to put on for each community.   The feedback we get from the events is priceless.

Mothers raving about how the event changed how her daughter feels about herself and how her confidence has grown.  Women telling me that they cant believe how much their life has changed for the better after attending. That they have shed so many mental blocks that were holding them back from really enjoying their life and the gift that is their body.

You can't put a price on that.  But you also can.  Because to keep it all going we need to feed energy into the system in the form of funds to cover things like venue hire, and volunteer and crew food and petrol to get to the towns we are reaching out to.

So one of the ways I have thought of to keep the energy growing is to create a fundraiser book along side it.  The book is going to be all about tweens.

It costs $150.00 to be part of it - 100% of this goes to the Finding Venus Project.  There are 10 spaces available. This will give you one file that can be printed to 7x10 inches.   Additional images can be purchased at our regular studio prices and 10% of the sales will go to the Trust.

So what you get in short for your $150.00

  • 1 of 10 available 1 hour Body Positive Fairy crown experience for your daughter with Mandi Lynn (for ages 7-12 year olds only - sorry no wiggle room on this)
    • mini makeover
    • photoshoot with white dresses and then her own rocking outfits.
  • Her image will be included in the book (please note the purchase price of the book itself is not included in the sitting fee)
  • A digital negative of the image (printable to A4 size).
  • Opportunity to buy more images and support the Finding Venus Movie even more.
  • Knowledge that you are helping to make the world and your home a more body positive place.

You can grab your spot here.  If however it is sold out you can put your name on the waiting list below and we will see what we can do.


If you missed out then please fill in the form below and we will put you on the waiting list.

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