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Finding Venus Casting Call:

Casting call for girls aged 7-18 for the Finding Venus Documentary - A body positive film about Kiwi girls and women funded by the New Zealand Film Commission.  Directed by Mandi Lynn, New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year.

This short film is looking at the difference between body shame and body treasuring and trying to unpack what can be done to help kids to keep their confidence through their teen years.

This will also serve as a casting call for Mandi Lynn's multi award winning fine art photographic exhibition called Block and Flow that is concurrently in production.

Note for Parents:

Please also note that we cannot pick every child that is put forward.  We are attempting to select a range of ages and a variety of hair and skin colours.   If your daughter isn't selected it isn't because there is anything wrong with her or what you wrote...only that we are looking for a wide mix for the filming.   Mandi Lynn is specifically looking for girls with afro textured hair and dark skin, red heads, and platinum blonds for her fine art series but the documentary is more of a mixed bag of hair and skin colour.

If you would like your daughter considered for the doco please fill in the form below.


The Why Behind Finding Venus:

Christmas Year before last my 5 year old niece walked into my kitchen and asked me if she was fat.  She wasn't but that was beside the point.  What made a 5 year old care? Why was this even on her radar instead of just figuring out more adventures for her Sylvanian bunnies to go on?

So I went on a quest to create art that would challenge it.  I am travelling the country creating an art exhibition that is the counter point to the mainstream 400-600 photoshopped images we see each day.  Along the road though I have heard some heart breaking stories and have realized how many women carry body shame.  It has intrigued me and I submitted a proposal to the New Zealand Film commission to make a documentary about the process.  They have given me the green light.  So I am on the road trying to answer this one question:

What would it take to keep a girl self compassionate and body positive through adolescence?

When do we go from confident tweens to body shamed adults and what could be done to inoculate our girls? (research shows that 90% of women in Australia struggle with body confidence. Girl Guides New Zealand's recent survey of girls aged seven to 17 showed body image was the biggest issue affecting them today.)

My experience photographing tweens is that for the most part this loss of confidence hasn't occurred yet. They seem to just not give their body a thought at just helps them do the things that they are curious about. But somewhere along the road that changes. The majority of the women I photograph will have areas of their body that they are ashamed of and are actively hiding. This change intrigues me.

So I am looking for some tweens and teens to interview. There are two sections to the filming one is a group event. The second is and interview segment.

Every teen and tween that participates will get a headshot taken as a thank you. I will send you a link to a digital file of the head shot we take so that you can use it for your own purposes as a thank you for coming out. Please note, a parent will need to be present with their daughter for the entire time of the filming for complete transparency and safety for all involved.  (we will just tuck you behind them when we are filming them so that they don't look to you for answers...I jokingly tell the kids that I am sending you to the naughty chair...this seems to crack most of them up.)

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