How to guarantee your Valentines Day will not Suck | Wellington Boudoir Photographer

How to guarantee your Valentines Day will not Suck | Wellington Boudoir Photographer

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Ah the heady minefield that is Valentines Day.  The day when you are meant to put your heart on your sleeve and expect someone else to tell you that you have value in the world.  WTF?

Stuff that.  If they do,  bonus.  If they don’t… it doesn’t matter chiqua.  Nope not one farking lick.  Because until you see the value in your own sweet self their opinion doesn’t matter for squat. Simply because you will not be able to hear it properly anyway and you will feed it through the filters that have developed from years of disappointments past.

Here is my take on Valentines Day…it is the perfect day to ditch those broken filters and put on some self-love rosy coloured glasses…Make it the official body/self love day.  Here are my top tips on how to make the shift from limp dependency  to farking amazing personal power house day of awesomeness.

Here are some questions to ask yourself

How kind are you being to yourself? Are you sending your body thanks and love for all that it does for you?  Or slagging it for carrying you through the years and showing a bit of wisdom in the form of a bit of wear and tear?

Some suggestions for how to make your Valentines a brilliant success.

  • Give your body some love in the form of a Green Bath – a walk in the woods.  Yep get up and take a bit of a bush walk and start and bathe your body in GRATITUDE.  Start at your feet and tell them thanks for all of the places they have taken you and how well they are working.  Move up your body and do the same for each and every part. Take off your shoes and socks and ground yourself.
  • Make yourself the most delicious green smoothie you can and feed yourself the best nutrition available to you.
  • Write your bucket list…what will bring you joy…start planning those brilliant adventures babe.
  • Clear some clutter.  I’m not kidding.  Pick a wee space that has been bugging the heck out of you and spend at least 20 minutes making it better.  Ask yourself for each thing that is there…do I love it? Does it bring me joy?  Is it incredibly useful?  If not rehome it.
  • Give a gift to a stranger.  Like seriously pay it forward.  Buy a bunch of flowers or get some from your garden and walk down a busy street and give one away to the most sad looking person you can find and if they will let you, and you feel safe, give them a hug too.   It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day to do this either.  If ever you are feeling stink and weighed down by your own dramas this is one of the best cures in the world.
  • Forgive someone.  Yep.  Write a letter to someone who has hurt you and forgive them. Send it if it is full of love.  Burn it if it would cause pain.  Give that resentment and pain away.  Create some free space in your heart where that black tar was sitting before.  This is one of the most important steps in self love.  If you are holding on to painful thorns…well they hurt.  Set them down.  Move on.  Let it go because squeezing those thorns means there is no room in your hands to receive flowers from others.
  • Have a photo shoot.  Yep get dolled up and get a friend with a camera and have a blast playing up for the camera.  Instagram the shit out of that stuff :).   If you are not a millennial and have no idea where to start with this or have a hate hate relationship with a camera feel free to come see me and I will be your Valentines Photo buddy and give you a Valentines Day special deal in the mix.
  • BookShoot

  • Consider having a Body Positive Boudoir or Nude photo shoot.  There is nothing better to make friends with your body then taking a deep breath and doing this for yourself.   I have done this with women who are in their 20’s who want to capture their bloom all the way through to women in their 70’s who have finally decided after all of these years that they are happy in their own skin and want to celebrate.   For myself I did it as a way to get to know my own body.  I have chronicled my own return to health not as horrible before shots but as “this is me now” shots.   Beautiful at each size I have moved through and all precious to me. 

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If you have been putting off having a photoshoot for yourself but have always secretly wanted to may I suggest that you get our Valentines Day special.

It includes

  • Hair and Makeup
  • A photoshoot with a body positive master photographer
  • All post production and printing is done in house to protect your privacy.
  • A double pass to the How to be Photogenic Course

Total value = $537.00 total cost to you is $49.00 until Feb 15th

Go on.  It is good for your soul :).

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Please in the comments below let me know the most beautiful thing you have done for yourself on Valentines day.