Liquid Love Chocolate Mango Breakfast Smoothie | #theMojolution | Feel Good | My Ultimate Hangover / on coming cold cure

Liquid Love Chocolate Mango Breakfast Smoothie | #theMojolution | Feel Good | My Ultimate Hangover / on coming cold cure

This week I have been nose down bum up and have not been awesome at keeping my water up.  I know better.  Every time I do this my immune system sends me a warning flag in the form of an oncoming cold.  So I wise up quick, drink heaps of water and then gift my body what it is asking for…Liquid love.

Here are the ingredients to the Chocolate Mango Smoothie

3 cups of spinach

1 Tbsp of paelo breakfast mix of nuts and dried fruits

1 Tbsp of LSA

1 Tbsp of Chia seeds

1 Tbsp of Cacoa powder

1 tsp of Kale powder

1 tsp of Maca powder

a squirt of liquid minerals

Mixture of Macadamia Milk, Almond Milk, and Coconut water to cover over the spinach

Top with frozen Mango or berries about a cup or two

Then blend.

You don’t need to be pedantic about the amounts I usually just eyeball everything.  I drink about two to three glasses of this in the morning and into the afternoon.   Can’t remember the last time I was sick if I make it when I am starting to feel something coming on.


We had a collection of happily drunken friends spend the night at Craig’s last birthday.  In the morning they were not quite so happy.  Until I made them the smoothie.  They all looked at it very dubiously but then once sculled they swore by it.



I have a wee Periscope channel @MandiLynnVS where I am showing people my own journey to wellness.  I am over 40.  I am fluffy.  And I struggle with consistently staying fit.  But I want to have 40 more years of fun and I know if I don’t do something that will not be possible.  Plus I now have a very delicious ticking several of my Desire Map Words…Adventure, Abundance, Creativity, Playfulness…  Antartica.

I am applying for a grant to work on an art project in Antartica with a famous fabric artist and it is looking quite positive for us to be selected.  If selected we will be travelling there in October of next year.  I get seriously cold and I am worried that I will not be able to find adequate cold weather gear in my size and I am worried I will not be fit enough to climb to the places where I want to get my shots. So I have a year to train to be a fit, not as fluffy, over 40’s chick.  I will spend the next year documenting my training to get there on Periscope.  If you follow me you will get an update whenever I do a video.

The Mojolution is all about creating a better world through self evolution.   I will be telling the story of my own journey but I want you to join me on your own.

The topics I will be covering will be in three areas.

Look Good  –

How to be more Photogenic, How to style for your unique shape, and Makeup tips to suit your unique face.  Body confidence no matter your shape or size.  I am a portrait artist after all and I love to show people how to be seen in the world.  How to celebrate their own unique Mojo.

Feel Good –

How to fine tune your wellness and health at any size or shape.  I am going on an adventure interviewing experts around the world to learn how to better take care of my much neglected temple.

Do Good –

How to find your natural gifts, Master them, and Give them to the world.  What is your big fat hairy goal that is going to make the world a better place?