I photograph rebels.  

Those who are so much more than a pretty face.  

Those who are done with playing small, hiding, powering down.  

Nope it is time to finally be seen for the brilliant creature that you are.  

I am New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year and my super power is showing the world your inner beauty


The Mojo  Makeover - A Transformation Retreat

Until you can see your own brilliance...it is difficult for others to see it.   That means your boss, your clients, your partner/future partner...  So in a world that has created a form of personal blindness with its unattainable beauty standards how do you dare to stand up and be counted.  You just do it...

You dare.  You rebel.  You say "damn it...I rock..."  even if those words seem hollow just now...when you come to see me...I collect the visual proof of the truth. And darlin, we have a blast proving it.