Finding Venus Waipa Style

Induction into the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens

Mandi Lynn


For those women who are tired of being invisible.    For those that have far more to do on this planet than worry about a lumpy butt.

For those women who don't want their daughters | nieces | mokapuna growing up thinking the only type of body in the world is the photoshopped ones they see on TV and in the magazines.

A Golden Shield Maiden has committed to compassion.  Self compassion and other compassion.  She has good work to do on this planet.  And she is starting with stepping out of her comfort zone and into a sisterhood.  Are you the next golden maiden?

4pm – 8/9pm Easter Saturday


How amazing would it be to be covered in a golden healing clay?  And then help create an award winning nationally travelling art exhibition designed to be a counterpoint to the photoshopped world we live in.  This part of the event isn't for everyone but might be just up your ally.

Please Note: $20.00 cost to cover golden supplies and exhibition costs - Open to first 30 women to need to do that above



The Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens consists of women who have been brave enough to bare their chest, guild up and stand in front of Mandi’s camera to become part of Mandi Lynn’s Every Body is a Treasure Photographic Exhibition.  They are sworn to treat their body with compassion and to help others to learn to do the same.

You will be lead on an exercise that helps you to identify lingering body shame issues and help you to pull them out and replace them with a body treasuring mindset.



“You and your fine team provided a superbly nurturing, strong and safe space for all. Our ‘uncovering’ revealed such exquisite beauty, courage, and the real power of vulnerabilities shared” – Melinda


“What an amazing ride yesterday ❤❤❤ It was moving, emotional, scary, confronting, hilariously funny and some serious healing went on. Beliefs I’d held on to since I was a kid, regarding my body and the way my disability makes me look is out the winnnnndowwww!!! “ Jen


The New Zealand Film Commission Picked Us

The New Zealand Film Commission was so enamored with our vision that they gave us a grant to make a documentary about the project.  Filming is occuring concurrently with the workshops so you might get lucky and see yourself on the silver screen.   But don't worry if you don't want to be featured we have a method to make sure that you are not on camera.  So come along and see some of the behind the scenes of making a movie.


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